Wright-Patterson Air Force Base:

Siegfried Knemeyer, the former head of the German RLM (The Reichsluftfahrtministerium), the Third Reich's Air Ministry for aircraft development for the Luftwaffe.

Dr. Hans Amtmann, an expert in vertical take off aircraft.

Dr. Alexander Lippisch who was more well known and a pioneer in tailless aircraft, the US Delta wing fighter, the F-102A Delta Dagger and an advanced design of a ground effect flying boat.

Beginning in the 1920s, the fields of cancer virology and “public health” were virtually entirely funded by the Rockefeller family in cooperation with Alfred P. Sloan, chief benefactors and directors of the later developed Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Research Center.

By 1930, John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company, had “married” the German chemical/pharmaceutical cartel known as I.G. Farben. Farben, Germany’s leading industrial organization, managed Hilter’s rise from ruin to riches as leader of the Nazi party. Farben’s directors—the cream of the SS and Third Reich—decided that Jewish people would best serve as slave labor in their corporate “concentration camps.” Hitler’s “racial hygiene program,” historic documents proved, evolved from the “scientific eugenics” efforts of the Rockefeller family, the British Royal Family, and other powerful political notables including Prescott Bush, George Bush’s father! At that time, primarily Rockefeller money built the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Eugenics, Anthropology and Human Heredity in pre-Nazi Germany.Then, Rockefellers and friends instilled Ernst Rudin as the institute’s director. He later became Hitler’s chief racial hygienist. Margaret Sanger, the grand matriarch of “family planning,” and “world population control,” worked vigorously, at that time, to herald the necessary elimination of “dysgenic” people—mainly Blacks.

Erich Traub, a world class virologist who became Hitler’s biological weapons chief, and following World War II came to work for the US Navy under the top secret CIA “Project Paperclip,” likely received Rockefeller support before, as well as after, the war. A covert operation, “Paperclip” was largely administered by Henry Kissinger with full knowledge and support from the Rockefellers and their business managers, John Foster and Allen Dulles of the OSS/CIA. Thus, Erich Traub’s early work was likely being funded by the Rockefeller-Sloan cancer directorship by 1937.

~Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A, M.P.H.

According to Tom Bower’s book The Paperclip Conspiracy:

The Paperclip Conspiracy was the climax of an astonishing battle between the Allies in the aftermath of war to seize the spoils of Nazi Germany: a successful plot by senior officers in the Pentagon to rewrite the wartime record of brilliant German scientists. Men who were classified as ‘ardent Nazis’ were chosen - just weeks after Hitler’s defeat - to become ‘respectable’ American citizens.

Some in Britain, too, conspired to employ Nazis, seeing that as their last hope for economic recovery, but were opposed by outraged politicians and officials. While they argued, their erstwhile Allies advantageously hired the most incriminated Germans - the French and the Russians took on anyone regardless of their crimes, and the Americans through a taut web of deceit, sanitised the murderous record of Nazi scientists.... reveals for the first time the despair, lies and calculating ruthlessness of Allied politicians, officers, civil servants and businessman who, after five years of bitter war, openly began fighting amongst themselves about the plunders and profit of victory. The pawns in the middle were the men, machines and secrets of the Third Reich, but the ultimate victors were the Germans themselves.

Neil Armstrong’s epic landing on the moon in 1969 was courtesy of two groups of Germans: Wernher von Braun’s rocket team, which approved the use of slave labour to build the V2 rocket, and the German aviation doctors whose pioneering experiments had included fatal tests on the inmates at Dachau...

Keeping the operation totally secret was impossible, since the Germans were scattered around the country and were mingling with American citizens. Because the government’s first announcement had, deliberately, never been contradicted, the public believed the Germans were just temporary visitors. Yet the rest of the operation was top secret, and it fell to the army to deflect attention away from the secret long - term immigration and denial policies. This policy of deception would soon be extended towards the State Department and the White House. In the spring of 1946, however, it simply amounted to emphasising the harmlessness of the Germans and their potential benefit to America.

I wonder if the ‘diversion of public attention' was the UFO topic? Where public wondered if strange objects in the sky were alien craft, when more likely they were aircraft being tested. But because these Nazi scientists were working on these secret aircraft, it was too close to being the truth, if one made the connection Nazi instead of Alien. And so it was a deception campaign that got out of hand? Later the topic of UFOs may have turned into a more complicated set of different phenomenon?

Bower continues:

Gruhn hoped to control potential criticism by arranging a visit for journalists to Wright Field to meet ‘representative German scientists.’ In a lengthy press release, he described the recruits as ‘comparable to Prof. Einstein’, and cited the new denial policy as evidence that the government was ‘using vacuum cleaner methods to acquire all the technical and scientific information that the Germans have.’ Had the press been more alert, Gruhn could have been seriously embarrassed. Einstein had vigorously protested to President Truman about allowing German scientists into America, and apparently no one realized that there was a possibility of large numbers of Germans arriving in the USA.

The press in 1946, were too ‘dumb’ to add two and two together, and deduce there was a scandal going on with large numbers of Nazi Scientists suddenly starting to work long term in America.

If someone had been clever, and added together ‘large numbers of Nazi scientists working at Wright Field on aircraft,’ with ‘sightings of strange crafts in the sky,’ the answer then would have been man made crafts not alien crafts, but the public found the idea of aliens more exotic and got diverted.

But what about this "...lengthy press release, he described the recruits as ‘comparable to Prof. Einstein’," mere ‘hype’? Or could he have been telling the truth? The scientific environment that led to the creation of Einstein, could have easily led to scientists of his calibre, and it did! Einstein was not some lone genius coming from nowhere, he was in a community of German scientists that were of his same calibre. How else, would Germany suddenly make a leap in technology during the war? It had to make that leap, because:

Germany's declaration of war against America and the abortive invasion of Russia had forced Hitler, at the beginning of 1942, to change his strategy from a short - to a long - term war. Admiral Dönitz’s submarine designers began a crash programme which pushed technical frontiers far beyond anything envisaged two years earlier. New U - boats were designed to dive to six hundred feet, a specification which the Admiralty found incredible since British designers were unable to produce anything similar; special supply - submarines , ‘Milch Cows’, which could replenish the U - boats at sea, were sent out into the Atlantic, permitting the packs to sustain longer operations ...... 

And we all know about the V- weapons etc. Germany just stepped up its technological capability because it had the potential to do so; it had Einstein caliber scientists and engineers. The result:

On the eve of the Normandy landings, both American and British army chiefs privately acknowledged that their soldiers, fighting with inferior weapons, would suffer an enormous disadvantage............ 

And the Allies suddenly became engaged in a ‘mad rush’ to acquire Nazi technology and science:

All four wartime allies, the Americans, British, Russians and French became involved in the frantic and at times ruthless competition for German scientists [because] the use of Germans was simply not contemplated until as late as 1945. On the contrary, until the eve of peace, the notion of associating on equal terms with the men who had helped Hitler’s regime perfect weapons to kill Allied citizens was totally unthinkable.......But that sudden reversal in policy happened at the same time as the concentration camps and the worst crimes of the Nazis were discovered. 

It remains a very unpalatable fact that at the very moment when thousands of determined Allied officers began the hunt for German scientists, only a very few were charged to seek out the war criminals. 

Originally, a small number of ex-Nazis were supposed to be imported, but more were wanted:

Officially, Paperclip was terminated on 30 September 1947. In a public statement, the army announced that during the ‘procurement phase’, 457 scientists and 453 dependants had been brought to America. But with so much unfinished business and so many demands from the military for more scientists, the pressure for continuation was overwhelming. 

In order to achieve that object, the air force orchestrated a public chorus of praise extolling the genius of the German genius. Two hundred and nine scientists owned by the air force, it was claimed, had begun to open up new horizons in weapons technology, hitherto undreamed of. In the Air Staff’s opinion, they were ‘superlative specialists .... the best available in the world today’, and they were saving the air force millions of dollars and up to ten years’ work. ‘These German engineers,' they asserted, ‘are industrious, have technical and scientific training second to none, have production and operational experience in all types of advanced aircraft power plants and have demonstrated initiative, invention and practicability of design.’

The air force proceeded to inundate Washington with an endless series of secret reports which listed projects masterminded by the Germans. Already under way were trials and experiments designed to test the feasibility of diesel engine, new fuels and lubricants, guided missile control, helicopters, high - temperature alloys, precision optics, infra-red detectors, in-flight refuelling, pilot’s equipment for high- altitude flying, ribbon parachutes and a gun sight for night - fighters ‘of epoch - making importance’. Most astounding of all were the advances in jet aircraft development which the German scientists had allegedly achieved. Zobel, Götheret and Walther Boccius had delivered amazing calculations regarding aeroplane structures and delta-wing configurations and aerodynamics, which finally convinced the air force of the superiority of German over Allied designs. Other impressive achievements included pioneering work on engine test stands, optic developments for high- altitude reconnaissance, mapping, gun sights and evapographs. In the revolution of air warfare, the German contribution seemed paramount. [8]

From the ordnance laboratory in Maryland, the navy reported that the German mathematicians, aerodynamicists and experts in heat transfer had proved that ‘their professional education and training’ were ‘superior to that of any US personnel available.' The Kochel wind tunnel was running at Mach 8, three times the speed and ten years ahead of the best American wind tunnel. Other Germans had produced original research on acoustic weapons, counter- devices and explosives, and the Signal Corps reported that the Germans had ‘made contributions of an unusual and fundamental nature’ in the realms of equipment design and development, generators, microwave techniques and crystal structures. 

To critics, the general euphoria seemed suspect. Later analysis would, in fact, suggest that some of the research was little more than a year ahead of the field, and the Germans’ true value was their availability as highly experienced technicians and engineers - cheap labour for the military, who could not afford to hire Americans with similar qualifications. Equally, the assertion that the Germans were more security- conscious than Americans and could consequently be trusted, did not correspond to the alarm with which the news of German scientists' duplicity in France was received. Throughout 1947, British and American intelligence reported the fears of General Libessart, the head of the French Ballistics and Aeronautics Research Centre in St Louis, about the Germans working for their own ends in a conspiracy with other German groups working both for Britain and Russia. 

Most Nazi scientists became American citizens "..quietly operating behind a screen of misinformation, JIOA officers were plotting the perfect solution: to rewrite and sanitize the Nazi’s wartime activities by falsifying the security reports which were a vital preliminary for the scientists’ visas and their eventual citizenship."

So, there we have it, a good part of the solution to UFOs when 'they' first started ‘they’ were part of a misinformation diversion from Operation Paperclip, but it then soon got out of hand. The ‘diversion’ was too close to what was really going on. With time the UFO phenomenon evolved into encompassing a much wider range of things. It started as strange crafts in the sky, and became strange encounters with possible aliens and numerous other related topics.

But these reports from witnesses of aliens, how reliable are they?

There are a larger number of people today that have a Spiritual New Age outlook on life, and these sort of people believe that dreams are just as important as waking experiences. So, how many reported alien encounters are merely from witnesses that believe dreams are reality, and how many are ‘real’ waking experiences? I have no idea. From the humble beginning of diversion from Operation Paperclip, the UFO phenomenon now encompasses a great many things than what it originally was all about. To the word UFO there has been stuck numerous other mysteries than what it originally started as. And there still might be aliens out there. We were easily diverted in the past from what was ‘really’ going on, so how much misinformation do we get today that diverts us from knowing what is ‘really’ going on now?

The corruption of this misinformation could run very deep. It might have fostered upon us New Age Religious ideas that are nonsense, and given us a false science, while the science practised at Area 51 is very different from that taught at public access Universities.


The Paperclip Conspiracy, Tom Bower, Michael Joseph, London, 1987


Federal UFO/Mind Control Initiative

On April 29, 1945 the 363rd Medical Battalion entered Experimentation Block Five at Dachau, the setting of pitiless terminal experiments on prisoners.

Inside, the medics were met by the stench of human putrescence and the shock of bloody body parts strewn from one end of the block to the other. The men who'd engaged in the cull were highly respected German scientists and academics. Despite the atrocities, many of the medical criminals escaped justice at Nuremberg with a cheerful assist from the US Army Air Force and vanished into the secret netherworld of Project Paperclip.

For 19 years, this was the caliber of scientist assigned to Edgewood Arsenal and a program overseen jointly by the US Army Intelligence Board and the chemical-warfare laboratories at the research facility in Maryland--to whip up blistering chemical warfare agents and potent psychoactive compounds for testing on "our boys." The American peers of the Paperclip talent, drawing knowledge and inspiration from the Dachau experimentation records, tested powerful toxins in a wide range of non-consensual mind control experiments involving at least 7,000 military guinea pigs at Edgewood.

The State Department has admitted that between 1945 and 1952, 642 "alien specialists" emigrated to the United States. But journalist Linda Hunt, in Secret Agenda, a history of Paperclip, discovered that at least 1,600 "scientific and research specialists and thousands of their dependents were brought to the US [and] hundreds of others arrived under two other Paperclip-related projects and went to work for universities, defense contractors and CIA fronts."

The State Department's fuzzy math and memory gave rise to a "lie that concealed some of the most damning information about the project--in particular the shocking revelation that one of the intelligence officers who ran it was a spy." This would be Lieutenant Colonel William Henry Whalen, "the highest-placed American military officer ever convicted of espionage.... He was running Paperclip at the same time he was selling America's defense secrets to Soviet intelligence agents." The FBI arrested Whelan -- then intelligence adviser to the Army chief of staff and a paid mole for the Russian Intelligence Service--in 1962. He received a very liberal sentence for the sale of US nuclear weapon secrets and strategies to the Soviets--six years behind bars before parole.

The Final Solution to the Free Thought Question

Meanwhile, in the brainwash division, the CIA gradually seized control of Project Paperclip and all human medical experimentation at Edgewood Arsenal. "By 1951," Linda Hunt writes, "in the midst of the Korean War, the Paperclip scientists' primary job was to locate plants and poisons that could be turned into new hallucinogenic mind control drugs." To this end, Seymour Silver founded an industrial liaison front with ties to every major pharmaceutical company in the world, particularly I.G. Farben, the German Siamese twin of the Rockefeller petrochemical empire with key personnel planted in strategic places within the Nazi hierarchy. I.G Farben was also a chief consultant to the scientists at Edgewood after the war. Dr. Ray Treichler, assistant to the director of the medical lab and an agent of the CIA's Technical Services Division, participated in the experimentation. Edgewood-Nazi chemist Friedrich Hoffman sidelined as a psychochemical specialist on the CIA payroll. By 1955, the experimentation was run primarily from Langley.

The Joint Intelligence Objectives Committee, the central military authority engaged in mind control experiments at Edgewood, had been immersed in Paperclip from the start. JIOC officials included the Project's Brigadier General John Samford, ranking Air Force intelligence official and later director of the NSA, and US Army Intelligence Director Alexander Bolling, one of several military officials who attended a summer-long debriefing on Nazi affairs from Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler's intelligence czar, at Fort Hunt, VA. (This very meeting initiated the Cold War, a fact that has lost its way to most history books.

Journalist Martin A. Lee:

Gehlen returned to West Germany in the summer of 1946 with a mandate to rebuild his espionage organization and resume spying on the East at the behest of American intelligence. The date is significant as it preceded the onset of the Cold War. The approved historical account claims that the Cold War did not begin for another year. "Washington was in a Cold War mode sooner than most people realize. The Gehlen gambit also belies the prevalent Western notion that aggressive Soviet policies were primarily to blame for triggering the Cold War.

The director of the JOIA was Navy Captain Bosquet N. Wev, who made his argument for the recruitment of Nazis in an April 27, 1948 in a memo to the Pentagon's Director of Intelligence. Captain Wev was peeved at the "biased considerations" behind federal investigations of Nazi war criminals on domestic soil. These, he opined, were rendered irrelevant by the end of the war. "To continue to treat Nazi affiliations as significant considerations has been aptly phrased as ‘beating a dead Nazi horse.'"

The results of Nazi medical experimentation on American citizens were predictable, really. Hunt explains that the direction of Paperclip

was set now that Edgewood had made its pact with the devil. The drug experimentation project quickly expanded to include psychiatric patients who were drugged, shocked and hypnotized in psychochemical experiments conducted under Army contracts with numerous universities and other institutions.

Some of the trials could have occurred at Dachau. Hunt:

American psychiatrist Paul Hoch's experiments on mental patients at the New York Psychiatric Institute, where he was employed under Edgewood contracts as a CIA consultant, killed one patient and seriously injured another... even after [a] patient's death, the Army approved additional experiments on patients that included the use of hypnosis, drugs and a polygraph exam to determine if ‘a particular personality type might ‘break' more rapidly under drug stress than another type' during military interrogations.

The mind-control program was often recklessly run. In 1977, a Select Committee on Intelligence investigation of the brutality found that in "the Army's tests, as with those of the CIA... informed consent and follow-up examinations of subjects were neglected in efforts to maintain the secrecy of the tests." Edgewood scientists subordinated human rights "to national security considerations.

Concealing the Germans and the continuation of Dachau biochemical experimentation on American soldiers was the overriding priority for obvious reasons, but fear of exposure was dispelled by good ol' Yankee-Nazi ingenuity. In 1960, scientists on CIA contract perfected Electronic Dissolution of Memory (EDOM), brain technology that obliterates short-term recall, a giant step for covert medical experimentation. With EDOM, a human guinea pig was left with no memory of abduction, needles or other surgical and biochemical outrages. And an electronically induced hypnotic state, also perfected by CIA scientists in 1960, made it possible to alter all memory of the event to conceal the identities of the culprits.

Electronic dissolution of memory brought two Paperclip Nazi divisions--mind control and the saucer projects--together, and they were henceforth indivisible.

In 1961, a year after the development of EM memory dissolution, the first "alien" abduction took place, but the technique didn't quite take in this instance because Barney Hill recalled that he'd been hustled off in a flying saucer by "Nazis" and subjected to biomedical torture.

Short-term memory dissolution proved to be an imperfect science. The 1976 Allagash abductions, for instance, involving four men, all professional artists in their 20s, night-fishing in the wilderness of northern Maine. Two of them were twins (long a fascination of Nazi eugenicists). The UFO approached.... The Alleges Four could remember nothing of the kidnap, but before long the nightmares began. They dreamed of "alien" abductors and invasive surgical procedures. Before long, they recalled hypnotic suggestions to forget the experience, the return to their canoe. One of the men woke up one morning with a tumor on his leg. It was surgically removed and sent to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology for an opinion. Later, the hospital could not explain why the tumor had been sent to a military lab. When the abductee requested his X-rays, the hospital refused to turn them over.

Concentration camps were once used for medical experimentation. In the absence of a Dachau, a highly sophisticated, classified escape vehicle and a fancy brain zapper would do. It was very nearly the perfect crime. There would be loose ends, of course, and the inevitable blowback...

"The Horrible Truth"

Clean-up crews would tidy up the messes. In 1965, Rex Heflin took a photograph of a flying disk near Santa Ana, California. Shortly thereafter, Heflin, a highway inspector, was visited by a man claiming to have Air Force intelligence credentials. The officer confiscated the evidence and it was never returned.

One approach to cloaking the origins and purpose of the program was the use of "experts" to gaslight the public and reinforce the post-hypnotic programming of the subjects. A cover story was promoted widely by hired hands of disinformation--George Adamski (owner of a hamburger stand one day, "contactee" the next, author of Flying Saucers Have Landed) and William Dudley Pelley (leader of the Nazi Silver Shirts) leading the pack with books and lectures on dashing blond-haired Aryans from the Dog Star and mantis-like "Grays"--they arrived, post-hypnotic (later virtual-reality-supplemented) "visitors" standing in for the criminals at the surgical table, man-handling and cutting into the human subject without anesthesia.

A welter of "experts," most of them with CIA, military or Nazi roots, cropped up like poison weeds to deflect attention from the black core of the Project. The most prominent was C.G. Jung, founder of analytical psychology. In his book Flying Saucer, published in 1959 by Harcourt, Jung attributed the UFOs to group hallucinations or "visual rumors" akin to visions of the Virgin Mary. Prior to World War II, Jung was the leader of a secret occult lodge that pandered anti-Semitic myths of Aryan supremacy, Thule-style, lavishly funded by Edith Rockefeller McCormick, daughter of John D. Rockefeller and heir to the International Harvester fortune. Jung, who hailed from a family of clergy and believe himself a deity, was president of the General Medical Society for Psychotherapy, an organization that promoted Nazi eugenics policy in its journal Jahrbuch für psychologische und psychopathologische Forschungen, edited by Jung.

Richard Noll, a Harvard lecturer, observes that Jung himself has emerged since the war as "a clairvoyant sage, a miracle worker, a god-man who earn[ed] his apotheosis through his encounter with the Dead and with God." But in >i>The Aryan Christ: The Secret Life of Carl Jung, Noll has only scorn for "the most influential liar of the 20th Century." Like Jung, proliferating CIA and military intelligence psy-op teams diverted attention from classified air machines and human experimentation conducted by doctors from Dachau on Americans, all with federal sanction.

Roswell 'alien' hucksters William Moore (who confessed at the 1989 MUFON conference that he willingly circulated disinformation on behalf of Air Force Intelligence) and Charles Berlitz (a counterintelligence operative since the start of World War II, according to the Seattle Times-Post Intelligencer [sic]).

And William Cooper (a two-time military intelligence officer). Andrija Puharich (LSD experimenter, inventor of the CIA's miniature tooth implant, best friend of accused killer Ira Einhorn). John Lear (military-industrial savant of the extraterrestrial myth). Phil Corso (a domestic Nazi with Pentagon credentials). Bruce Maccabee (Navy, close CIA connections). John Mack (recipient of a $194,000 grant from Laurence Rockefeller), on so on.

The psy-op response to UFO sightings became entrenched as policy with one of the first 'investigative' panels, convened in 1953 and chaired by Princeton physicist and weapons designer Dr. Howard P. Robertson ' the very same Air Force officer who had directed Project Paperclip's advance field search teams assigned to unearthing Nazi technology in the immediate postwar period. Dr. Robertson went on to serve on the NSA's science advisory board under Paperclip's John Samford. Lloyd Berkner, another Robertson Panel 'investigator,' was a technical advisor to the CIA. J. Allen Hynek, the famed UFO 'authority,' beat Carl Jung to the 'saucer psychosis' theory in 1947 when his own UFO committee ascribed early sightings to 'nonexistent things' and 'psychopathic hallucinations.'

The above photo, showing six saucers in formation, was given to Dr. J. Allen Hynek in the early 1950s by the director of the Ondrejov Observatory in Czechoslovakia.
No details of the sighting are available, but the photo is thought to have been taken near Prague, perhaps during WWII.

The Robertson panel recommended 'debunking' all UFO reports. 'The 'debunking' aim,' they wrote, would result in a reduction of public interest in 'flying saucers.' A program of 'education' to be designed by mental health professionals with bona fides in social coercion was to be 'accomplished by mass media, [especially] television, motion pictures and popular articles.' UFO organizations were to be 'infiltrated' by the intelligence sector because they threatened to 'influence mass thinking if widespread sightings should occur.'

One of the most respected authors in the field of UFO studies is Jacques Vallee, mathematician, astronomer and protege of J. Allen Hynek. Vallee has promoted the ET cover story in books released by Regnery Press, a publishing house with numerous ties to extremist right-wing fronts and the CIA. (Regnery is a spin-off of Human Events magazine, an ultraconservative propaganda sheet sponsored by the CIA. Alfred Regnery, son of the company's founder, has made generous contributions to Jerry Falwell, antifeminist Phyllis Schafly, Ed Meese and other obnoxious spokesmen of the fascist right. Among the 'conservative' propaganda tracts unleashed upon an unsuspecting world during the Cold War count William F. Buckley, Jr.'s God and Man at Yale, Whittaker Chambers' Witness, and Conscience of a Conservative by Barry Goldwater. Ultracons on the current Regnery roster: David Horowitz, Dick Armey, Ann Coulter and Gary Bauer, among others.)

But on occasion, Vallee has turned against the disinformation brokers and made oblique reference to 'the horrible truth.' When it was bruited by UFOlogists Cooper and Lear that 'aliens' had been spotted at Area 51, Vallee exposed them as quacks in Revelation: Alien Contact and Human Deception (not published by the CIA's Regnery, but Ballantine in 1992). He was appalled that stories about the Grays 'kept intensifying, drawing more and more rational people into a net of mystery, half-documented revelations and hushed-up suggestions that became increasingly ominous.' In response to John Lear's claim that the government has struck a deal with aliens, Vallee wrote:

There is no evidence in our own technology that we have had access to any dramatic inventions which an [advanced] civilization could surely have provided us.

Even the 'spaceships' are not exactly state-of-the-extraterrestrial-art'; they are, in fact, 'so unreliable that over FIFTY CRASHES are said to have occurred in the United States alone and THEY are supposed to be a billion years ahead of US!' Vallee also sneers at cattle mutilations as an 'alien' covert op: 'On the contrary, the perpetrators always look for publicity, avoiding the easy prey of animals grazing in the wild deliberately killing cows and horses owned by civilian farmers near urban areas and on small ranches where they are certain to arouse public confusion and anger.' In other words, the mutilations are a psy-op strategy 'calculated to create terror.'

Matter Over Mind

Once upon a time, gray humanoids hurtled across space and time to plant tiny CIA radio receivers in the heads of bipedal guinea pigs. Saucer lore would have us believe that the celebrated 'visitors' have implanted thousands, possibly millions. If so, it's odd that every implant recovered should be composed entirely of terrestrial materials, undermining the theory that the implants are alien. An anonymous scientific 'skeptic' on the Internet explains:

Our Sun and its planets formed from a gas cloud whose composition was strongly influenced by an unidentified supernova several billion years ago. Any other planetary system would have a slightly different chemical composition, having formed from another cloud and supernova. Thus, an 'isotopic abundance' test could determine whether something is from another star system. All the recovered implants as well as all purported pieces from 'alien craft' have tested 'terrestrial.' Material which differed from terrestrial ratios would furnish strong proof in favor of its alien origin.'

A terrestrial ratio suggests a human origin. Yet many well-known 'experts' still insist that the implants are 'alien.' Dr. Terry Johnson, a UFO and paranormal researcher'also a 'professional psychic'' in Long Beach, CA claims that an abductee endures 'hundreds and hundreds of scientific experiments.' The 'aliens' and the 'rogue humans' who have sold out to them, Dr. Johnson lets on, turn the luckless human subjects into 'suicide runners.' 'A musical chord,' he says, triggers them to commit violence (resembling for all the world an assassin of the CIA Manchurian Candidate mold), a sound that 'has many different levels of information.' (A carrier wave') Johnson warns that puppet abductees are 'walking around in Washington, D.C. and other strategic places around the world' with 'alien' chips in their brains 'that are also audio/video cameras.'

A more likely explanation would be an implant of the type described by Dr. Stuart Mackay, a mind control scientist at UCLA, in Bio-Medical Telemetry, published in 1968: 'Among the many telemetry instruments being used today are miniature radio transmitters that can be swallowed, carried externally or surgically implanted in man or animals.' The transmitter, slipped into the usual body openings, could 'sense pH in the stomach, the site of bleeding along the gastrointestinal tract, radiation intensity [and] pressure changes in the bladder due to micturition.' It is hoped, he wrote, 'that these few preliminary words will give a feeling for the scope of this activity.'

A quarter-century later comes the 'Soul Catcher' biochip developed by British Telecom, an electronic doodad that Dr. Chris Winter of the company's artificial-life team acknowledges will have military applications. In the preliminary stage, the chip will be implanted in soldiers to form a communications network in the field linked to GPS satellites. Dr. Winter envisions a dual use for the implant in law enforcement: ' Police would be able to use it to relive an attack, rape or murder from the victim's viewpoint, to help catch the criminal.' The chip will be implanted behind the eye. It will record every thought and sensation. It constitutes 'the end of death,' Dr. Winter predicts. In a few decades, 'it will be possible to relive other people's lives by playing back their experiences on a computer. By combining this information with a record of a person's genes, we could recreate a person physically, emotionally and spiritually.'

'Soul catching' is only one application of the emergent microtechnology. The Center for Molecular Electronics in Syracuse recently demonstrated optically coupled random access memory (RAM). In February 1997, Electronic Engineering Times reported that work on such devices 'is drawing fire from civil libertarians and conspiracy theorists.' But this isn't a Fox Network fantasy. 'A microchip implant is simply one step beyond a pacemaker.' The 'mix of electrical engineering and medical technologies to surgically implant computer chip-driven devices is here today.'

Telepathic communication with 'aliens' reported by abductees isn't so far-fetched, either. In 1982, Chung-Kwang Chou and Arthur W. Guy, researchers at the University of Washington on a Naval Intelligence contract, noted in the Journal of Acoustical Society of America that pulsed microwaves 'have been heard as sound by radar operators since radar was invented during World War II. The earliest report we have found on the auditory perception of pulsed microwave appeared in 1956 as an advertisement of the Airborne Instruments Lab in Proceedings of the IRE. The advertisement described observations made in 1947 on the hearing of sounds that occurred at the repetition rate of a radar while the listener stood close to a horn antenna.' The authors note that the auditory pathways are stimulated by 'a microwave-biological interaction that has been well quantified and has been widely accepted.' The same sort of vibration that makes electrophonics possible 'can be produced by other means, e.g. by a laser pulse.'

And with it those 'suicide runners' can be made. Arizona killer Robert J. Moody fits the bill. He has never denied his guilt. Moody has openly confessed that in November 1993 he murdered Page Malone, 33, and Patricia Magda, a 56-year-old neighbor at the behest of 'Nordic-type aliens.' It wasn't a unique story', this was the third case of 'alien' mind control in Pima County history. Moody, a multiple personality from the intelligence sector, was no workaday serial killer. He once held top security/crypto security clearance status, one of the highest ratings in government. He had Navy Seal training. He had 'missing time' experiences in the Marines. He claimed to have been abducted by the 'Nordic aliens' repeatedly since the age of four.

Moody was unable to recall the murders. He had a bout of amnesia at the time of his arrest. But the 'aliens' paid a telepathic call on him in his jail cell and flashed projections of his hands engaged in the fatal shooting, stabbing and beating of Magda and Malone. He was found guilty and convicted on October 27, 1995. There was a grin on his face when the sentence was read - seems the 'aliens' had promised that should he receive the death penalty, they would 'resurrect' him.

The visitation in Moody's cell is a set of virtual-reality projections to the visual cortex, another capability of the mind-control mafia.

Psyops. Terrorism. Human experimentation. Propaganda. Torture. Mind control. It is a fascist formula, not a childhood fantasy.

The United States has a long history of human medical experimentation.....

High-tech slavery is alive and well on planet Earth. Ever since World War II when the United States Government's Project Paperclip sponsored the resettlement of about 2,000 high-level Nazis in the United States, the technology of mind-control programming has advanced rapidly.

"The Germans under the Nazi government began to do serious scientific research into trauma-based mind control," write Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler in their book, The Illuminati Formula used to create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave.

"Under the auspices of the Kaiser Wilhelm Medical Institute in Berlin, Josef Mengele conducted mind-control research on thousands of twins and thousands of other hapless victims."

Mengele, known as "the Angel of Death", was one of the approximately 900 military scientists and medical researchers secretly exfiltrated into the United States, where he continued his 'research' and trained others in the black arts of mind control. This work in behaviour manipulation was later incorporated into the CIA's projects Bluebird and Artichoke which, in 1953, became the notorious MKULTRA. The CIA claims that these programs were discontinued, but there is no credible evidence that "The Search for the Manchurian Candidate" (the title of the definitive book by John Marks) ever ceased.

In fact, Captain John McCarthy, US Army Special Forces (Ret.), who ran CIA assassination teams out of Saigon during the Vietnam War, told his friend, LAPD whistleblower Mike Ruppert, that "MKULTRA is a CIA acronym that officially stands for 'Manufacturing Killers Utilizing Lethal Tradecraft Requiring Assassinations'". Thus the CIA's official obsession with producing programmed killers through the MKULTRA contained more than 149 sub-programs in fields ranging from biology, pharmacology, psychology to laser physics and ESP.

Network of Top Scientists Helped 'Angel of Death' Mengele

The "Angel of Death" Josef Mengele, who was long thought to have been the black sheep of Germany's scientists under the Nazi regime, was in fact supported by a network of elite researchers, new research has revealed.

Mengele founded a kindergarten and played the violin to children in a concentration camp, but also injected the hearts of children with chloroform, infected them with typhus and destroyed women's fallopian tubes with acid.

His catalogue of horror stories also included injecting children's eyes with ink, experimenting on people with cleft palates and poisoning 900 sets of twins.

Although his deeds are well documented, assumptions that he was one of a few who pushed back the boundaries of science for his own pleasure have been shattered. Six years of research led by a political scientist, Dr Susanne Heim, has revealed that the Angel of Death was not alone.

Archives have previously revealed that Mengele had assistants such as the Hungarian pathologist and prisoner of war Miklos Nyiszli, who said:

I would bathe the corpses of cripples and dwarves in calcium chloride and cook them in large pots so that their skeletons could be preserved in the Museum of the Third Reich.

But records have been unearthed that Mengele's work was supported by elite researchers attached to the Kaiser-Wilhelm Institute, whose scientists have been awarded more than 20 Nobel prizes.

Although their personal goal was not essentially to create a super-race for Adolf Hitler, they did not object to the scientific freedom that the dictator bestowed on them. Indeed, Mengele's supervisor for his PhD was the internationally acclaimed scientist Otmar von Verschür, who was renowned for his research into twins.

The Max-Planck Institute - formerly the Kaiser-Wilhelm Institute - decided in 1997 to fund research into its murky past. A spokesman for the institute said:

"No goal in research can justify crossing ethical boundaries.

"We wanted to discover how and why the limits of science were crossed and why there was such a blur between animal and human trials. We appointed a group of independent historians to get to the bottom of a mystery that has lain dormant for a long time."

The director of research for the Berlin-based project was Dr Heim. She told The Guardian:

It was formerly believed that scientists in Germany were oppressed by the Nazi regime, that there were only a few guilty people. But in truth, these doctors were in paradise.

"The distinction between politics and science was hazy and doctors had the freedom to do as they liked, so long as they could prove that their goal was to breed a super-race of strong soldiers for the advancement of warfare.

She added:

We cannot deny that the work carried out at that time has helped the advancement of medicine. Until recently, the brains of people killed by euthanasia during the war were used for scientific research.

Dr Heim's research also revealed a possible connection between the Nazis and the deceased Adolf Butenandt, whose work on sexual hormones and protein belonged to the greatest scientific breakthroughs in the 20th century.

"I appreciate our revelations must be disturbing for the Max Plank Institute", said Dr Heim,"but the institute should be wary not to sit back and think that they have done their bit. They should use these findings as a platform to discuss science today and make sure that researchers keep within the ethical boundaries."

A warrant for Mengele's arrest, claiming he had murdered prisoners, was issued in 1959. He died in Brazil 20 years later.

No laboratory note or manuscript relating to his work has ever been found.

Source: The Guardian